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Dissolving resistance to women’s leadership can restore humanity’s wisdom and compassion. We can do this… one story, one mind at a time.


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Dalisia Coppersmith

Dalisia Coppersmith is an internationally experienced speaker, executive coach, author, and founder of Revive Learning & Wellness and Strong Women Rising. Her personal mission is to restore the women who can change our world through wellness and advocacy. She specializes in dissolving unconscious resistance to women’s leadership and elevating those who build inclusive organizations and vibrant communities.

As a keynote speaker, podcast guest, or DEI instructor, Dalisia will move your audience from misunderstanding and quiet judgment of strong women to a place of deep appreciation and admiration for their gifts.

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If you want to double your leadership bench strength, realize that half of your organization’s natural leaders are women. They are already there, waiting for you to see them.


More Details on Programs and Appearances

The Heroine’s Journey Signature Series

(15 – 60 minutes)

This signature series of talks is perfect for diverse audiences, corporate teams, or women’s groups. Learn the origins of resistance to female leadership, what organizations can do to overcome it, and what assertive women can do to return to their best selves and make the impact they were created to make. The world has serious problems and we need strong, courageous women to help solve them.

The Science of Self-Defeat

(1- or 2-hour Diversity Talk & Workshop)

Discover how stereotypes and identity threats can inhibit a person’s performance whether or not anyone is actually treating them differently. Learn how we defeat ourselves, how to overcome it, and how others can help. Rediscover your voice and shed the dark cloud of “otherness.” The Science of Self-Defeat can be delivered as a keynote or workshop for your audience.

Custom Keynotes, TEDx, & Diversity Events

(8 – 45 min. & up to half-day events)

Dalisia prepares custom keynotes and speeches for theme-based events that align with the mission of Strong Women Rising. For more information or to share your ideas with her, please fill out the speaker request form below or get on her call calendar by clicking “Book a Discovery Call.”

Interviews & Podcast Invitations

(10 min. to one-hour interviews)

YouTube channels and Podcasts are the perfect platform for social change. Invite Dalisia to be a guest on your show by filling out the speaker request or getting in touch for a call below. She can join podcasts and virtual events from her studio or travel to you for in-person appearances.

It’s not so much a policy problem. We’re finally getting those right. Our problem exists in the milliseconds it takes to dismiss a woman’s voice. That’s the next frontier.

—Dalisia Coppersmith

Speaking Style

When Dalisia takes the stage, your audience will see and hear a woman who took the long road from “alpha female on fire” to relaxed, loving, and intentional leader. She infuses humor, inarguable facts, and heart-stopping stories of struggle and triumph into each talk in order to break down ingrained mental models, denial, and emotional barriers.

Dalisia’s Impact

Dalisia will curate the perfect tone and content for your audience so they will see themselves in her stories and insights into the human condition. Her diversity talks are “no blame/no shame” and leave everyone feeling understood and respected, regardless of their gender, age, race, sexual orientation, or past mistakes. All are welcome and invited to be part of positive change. Let Dalisia be a catalyst for the mindset shifts and culture that you want to build.

“The tools I learned were invaluable. I learned how to have difficult open/honest conversations without defensiveness.”

—Audience Member

“Dalisia exemplifies being a leader in everything she does. She effortlessly inspires, motivates, and guides others to become better.”

—Chief Executive Officer

“This should be mandatory for everyone, especially supervisors. Best EEO program I’ve been to in a very long time.”

—Audience Member

“I never thought I had this kind of impact on the women I work with. I can see it now—because you reminded me of times when I was the “only” in the room. This will change how I show up.”

—Audience Member

Speaker Training & Credentials

Co-author of Engaging Speakers: Voices of Truth

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