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The most capable women continue to be left without mentors or allies at work. I know what this creates and how to change it.


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Is This You?…

You’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, taken all the courses, and gotten all the (often unsolicited) advice. But the same things keep coming around in your life—patterns that plague you at work, at home, and even within yourself.

  • Impossibly high standards—for yourself and others
  • Sacrificing self-care when you need it the most
  • Frustration with being labeled as too outspoken
  • Feeling like you’re failing those you love the most

Maybe going it alone hasn’t yielded the results you expected of yourself. Are you ready to tackle your most pressing concerns, once and for all, so you can live the life you deserve to be living? All you need to do is stop and invest in yourself now.

Private coaching & mentoring
is perfect for you if…

  • You feel stuck in a cycle of overcommitment, overwork, and overwhelm that impacts your close relationships, wellness, and happiness.
  • You’ve set and achieved tough goals, gotten to the top of your field, or built a business, only to be labeled unfairly as selfish, aggressive, or competitive. Let’s turn that image around!
  • You struggle to build or sustain mutually supportive relationships—because others don’t understand your intentions. Avoid silent resentments and turn your talent for critique into words that inspire others to be their best.
  • You’re a rock for friends, but just when you need a shoulder no one sees it, because your deepest emotions just don’t register with others. They can’t tell when you need kindness!
  • This year you want to give as much care and support to yourself as you give to others so you can be a better partner, parent, coworker, and friend—and enjoy the fullness of life that you deserve!

Exit the fast lane for a bit and carve out time for coaching with Dalisia!

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What happens in families translates to the global, social and professional silencing of women who could change our world for the better. To overcome thousands of years of damage, we have to lead unapologetically and refuse the labels that threaten to silence us.

—Dalisia Coppersmith

Coaching with Dalisia

Dalisia has coached assertive women, their teams, managers, and romantic partners for over 25 years. More importantly, she has lived many of the same experiences as her clients—from unfulfilling or unfair work situations to facing the glass ceiling (and the glass cliff) to workaholism resulting in challenges at home. She’s navigated all of these.

Let Dalisia help you regain your balance and personal effectiveness. Many clients have said that their time with her was the first time they have ever felt truly understood. Book a call to explore options for personal, small group, or relationship coaching with Dalisia.

“There is nothing Dalisia can’t understand and nothing she can’t help you through. If you are an assertive woman who is serious about changing important areas of your life, including your own thinking and actions, then Dalisia is the best coach to help you achieve what you want most.”

—Executive Coaching Client

Whether you are interested in personal coaching and mentoring, small group coaching, or relationship coaching, Dalisia will quickly become a transition person in your life.

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“It’s been a life changing experience… I feel more comfortable tackling personal challenges, with myself or direct reports. I’ve found that it’s easy to be sincere and to make a personal connection. I now know the value of that.”

—Leadership Coaching Client

“I’ve never had the words for what I was experiencing. You’ve given me the language to explain it to others and ask for what I need.”

—Executive Coaching Client

“I have become a much better listener now, so my judgments are based on true information and not from my own paradigms. I learned about my insecurity triggers so I can recognize them and respond better when in conflict.”

—Coaching Client

“I’m now more self-aware and I didn’t even know that I needed to be more self-aware! I have the tools to have a better understanding of why people are different.”

—Leadership Coaching Client

“Dalisia, you saved my marriage. I’m not even kidding about that. We were headed for divorce after more than 20 years together. Now we’re like kids again. My eyes and my heart are open!”

—Relationship Coaching Client

“I had no idea what my own biases were setting up in my organization. Not only am I aware now, but I am equipped to fix it.”

—Leadership Coaching Client

Private Coaching & Mentoring

Dalisia helps assertive, high achieving women find within themselves what the world rarely gives them–appreciation, acceptance, and a desire to grow beyond the stereotype to transform their lives.

  • Career Coaching
    Long-term Career Strategy, Turning Points, Career Changes
  • Interpersonal Coaching
    Rewiring Thinking and Behaviors to Be Your Best
  • Executive Coaching
    Directors/VPs, C-Suite, and Solo Entrepreneurs
  • Life Coaching
    Work/Life Balance, Breaking Patterns, Restoring Purpose
  • Conflict Coaching
    Managing Narratives, Cognition and Emotions
  • Wellness Coaching
    Practicing the REVIVE Life Model for Holistic Wellness

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Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching is provided through the Strong Women Rising Collective and our in-person and virtual retreats. These curated experiences are for assertive, high-achieving women who wish to become a more relaxed, loving, and intentional version of themselves so they can tackle their next legacy-building goals. Get in touch for more details and upcoming dates.

The REVIVE Life Coaching ModelTM

Reflection: quiet contemplation, meditation or prayer that brings us clarity

Essence: our true and invariable nature, without which our identity is diminished

Vibration: the elevation of life-force energy that integrates our shadows and our light

Intention: the focused exertion or determination of the mind toward its goal

Vitality: our capacity for love, wholeness, and a meaningful, purposeful existence

Equilibrium: a state of balance caused by the equal action of opposing forces within

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Relationship Coaching

Assertive women sometimes get lucky in love the first time around—but most of us experience a series of trial-and-error relationships that end in one of these ways:

  • Resentment over the time and passion she puts into her work
  • Passive aggression from her partner who’s grown weary of her criticism
  • The assertive woman being the default “enforcer” with her partner and kids
  • Frequent debates and arguments stemming from a power struggle
  • Increasingly distant and fragile connections, leaving both unsatisfied

A timeless dynamic repeats over and over in families, regardless of the ages, races, ethnicities, or genders of couples. No matter how in love you were at the start of your relationship, if you are an assertive woman, you’ve likely experienced some of these “deal breakers” that require action.

Imagine building the love life that you’ve dreamed of without sacrificing who you are and what you are passionate about. Love doesn’t have to hurt!

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Coaching Credentials

Certified Executive Coach

(College of Executive Coaching)

Certified Coach Practitioner

(Certified Coaches Federation)

Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy
& Pastoral Counseling

The Art of Coaching

(NTL Institute)

Coaching for Improved Performance

(NTL Institute)

The Leader as Coach Intensive

(Bluepoint Leadership)

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